Reversal Repair- Reading & Writing

 Do you have children who have problems with persistent reversals? Do you know a child who consistently confuses the letter b with d, d with p, p with q, or other combinations? Phonics, reading, & handwriting instruction is not enough for some children! Would you like to teach your children to consistently read & write these confusing letters? Contemporary dyslexia research finds….

First Drawings

When children are just beginning to write, we often ask then to draw their ideas too.  Do you have children who don’t know how to draw what they want to draw, who lack confidence, draw the same thing every day, or just don’t like to draw?

Fishing Fun

Yesterday my best and longest work pal, Ms Marion, the best Physical Therapist ever, put together this fishing for numbers activity. This was one spot on her hopping and balancing adventure, a Friday favorite with the preschool kiddos. Read more and get your Number Writing Freebie!