Spanish Handwriting Book

I have just published a CAPITALS FIRST book in Spanish!  This is Print Path’s first public offering of Spanish products.    We have been using these for a few years in my school district and I know there is a need, so I decided to make them available.   Read More

Have Fun Learning NAMES: Kindergarten & Preschool

We all know that building classroom community is HUGE, and that the time we invest from the beginning will pay off -big time.  Learning to identify names, write names, and say classmate’s names is essential for classroom community in preschool and kindergarten.  Here are some cool ways to get started!

Handwriting Sheets: A dime a dozen.

Actually, you can get a zillion free all over the internet. So then, why do I spend so many hours researching and creating quality handwriting products?   I have spend a good deal of my life’s work around developing effective handwriting products that adhere to research-based best practices.  If you are a parent teacher, or a therapist, your efforts at teaching efficient legible penmanship could be enhanced by using these best practices.

Celebrating one year of Fine Motor Gains!

Watch this Awesome Guy show us his amazing growth in hand skills in one year’s time. It all began here when he learned to isolate his index finger, but take a look at him now! Also learn an Occupational therapist’s trick for teaching pencil grasp to a child with low muscle tone and poor hand strength!

Reversal Repair- Reading & Writing

 Do you have children who have problems with persistent reversals? Do you know a child who consistently confuses the letter b with d, d with p, p with q, or other combinations? Phonics, reading, & handwriting instruction is not enough for some children! Would you like to teach your children to consistently read & write these confusing letters? Contemporary dyslexia research finds….