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Research-Based Occupational Therapy Tools

I love Thia’s materials! I love her Handwriting programs and her Growth Mindset tools! I am an OT trained in Handwriting Without Tears (HWT), and I own all of their materials, but Thia’s Print Path tools are better! She fixed all the things that annoy me about HWT. I wish I had discovered her materials BEFORE I bought all of HWT. Thanks so much!
teacher ??alejandra-higareda-295605
Occupational Therapist
Lowercase At Last! changed the whole way I taught handwriting this year! It really worked with my students, and their handwriting is as amazing as possible for their little five-year-old hands 🙂
Kindergarten Teacher
Occupational Therapy Megabundle: Very happy with this Bundle, I am an OT and it makes Prep time 100 times quicker.”
Occupational Therapist


The Handwriting Mega Bundle is a great and affordable resource! I needed the Capitals First for my pre-K students, but I also work with others in K-4th grade (I’m an OT), so this resource will come in handy across the board! I specifically like how the images you have in the CAPITALS FIRST Book 2 practice book are familiar images, such as stop signs and other road signs. Also, there is sufficient color to the pages but it isn’t excessive. So many writing pages are overstimulating these days. Thanks so much for putting this together!!!
teacher ? jake-jackson-264865 cropped
Occupational Therapist
Visual Schedules for Self-Regulation & Classroom Inclusion: These self reg. visuals are great! I use them when teaching Zones to my students. I am teaching Zones at my school for a professional development day. I will recommend this to my teachers!


Self-Regulation TAUGHT: This product is created by a qualified expert who CLEARLY understands the importance of teaching self regulation, and keeping data on the effectiveness of strategies to inform instruction. This program works seamlessly in the classroom. THANK YOU!
Occupational Therapist
Self-Regulation TAUGHT: Great resource! The pictures are so engaging and the content is clear and well-written and makes the concepts easy for our young clients to understand.
Occupational Therapist
Visual Schedules for Self-Regulation & Classroom Inclusion: These were a lifesaver this year! Thank you!

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