Bouncy Chair Band Alternative – On the Cheap!


Do you have students who are troubled by anxious energy, the overwhelming need to move, or difficulty with focus?

I have found chair kick bands to be a great sensory & self-regulation tool for children in the classroom. No adult support is needed, and kids love these kick bands!  Some children will put their feet on top of the band and push down. Others will put their feet behind the band and kick out.  Because this tool is hidden under the table, it also works well with older kids who don’t want to appear “different.”  Best of all, kick bands cut way down on the shin bruises from kids who habitually and inadvertently kick you or anyone else across a table from them!

Most of us who work with kids do so under a tight budget. The pragmatist in me prevents me from buying the name brand Bouncy Bands at over $10.00 apiece.  So today I would like to share my simple & cheap .23¢ per chair alternative.

I pay nothing because my school secretary will order these for me along with her regular office supplies.  But if you have a local Staples store, you can make about 20 kick bands with this bag of #107 rubber bands [7″ x 5/8″]  for $4.50.  You can get these from many office supply outlets but call ahead because they may need to order them.

At 23¢ per chair, you can reasonably equip your entire classroom with chair kick bands!

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  1. I’ve sent this on to our intervention teacher. We were just talking about alternatives to purchasing expensive bouncy bands. Thanks!

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