Cat’s Play For Strong Hands

Use an enticing game to add power to shoulders, arms, and hands by adding a simple twist to this classic children’s activity.

Cat’s Cradle is simple enough to be learned quickly and enticing enough to engage those children who have little patience for strengthening activities.  After your child has learned a few steps with string, add in a resistive element by using rubber bands. Not only is this activity great for improving strength, stability, and endurance, it is also a challenging communication and cooperation tool.


I use 3 rubber bands, size 117.   

Cut the three bands

Tie the rubber bands end to end with a simple square knot.  Tighten and snip the long ends.

Ready to use!

If you’re looking for fun academic activities for hand strengthening you might be interested in these!

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    1. Great idea, there are so many motor and language opportunities. And, when first teaching cat’s cradle three people are needed: two to hold the ‘string’ and one to help the learner.

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