The Advantages of teaching Italic Cursive

As an occupational therapist working in schools, I have taught hundreds of children how to transition from printing to cursive. But it wasn’t until I uprooted my adult life and moved from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest that I encountered the simple, elegant style known as italic cursive.

What is Italic Cursive?

Italic Cursive is a simple method of learning cursive that utilizes the natural joining of printed letters and minimizes the use of loops and flourishes.

Why is Italic Cursive so Great?

In working with children of all abilities, including kids with dysgraphia, I have found that:

  1. Students easily transfer current printing skills to cursive because of the similarities in letter formations. Most significantly, in both systems, letter formations start at the top.
  2. Students quickly and painlessly learn this system of writing, which improves the overall legibility of their writing.
  3. Italic Cursive is more legible and easier to learn than standard cursive because it eliminates loops and frills.

Easy to Teach

Looking to teach your child or students Italic Cursive? Here is an affordable resource that teaches you how to teach cursive and provides students with step-by-step worksheets that they will enjoy.

If you as an adult would like to learn an italic style cursive, this resource by Getty-Dubay is available on Amazon.

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