Have Fun Learning NAMES: Kindergarten & Preschool

We all know that building classroom community is HUGE, and
that the time we invest from the beginning will pay off -big time.  Learning to identify names, write names, and say classmate’s names is essential for classroom community in preschool and
Help children feel
like they are an essential part of the your classroom.
When you take pictures of your new friends, you can use them in classroom books.
Create a sense of being seen and being important.  This easy to
use product lets your children create books about their families or friends.  I like to use name identification to help build confidence with reading.

Sometimes being asked to write your name can be
overwhelming!  Learning to look at
letters and perceiving the lines and curves is essential for learning to

Make it fun with Pizzas and Pencils! Just cut and paste.

At Teachers Pay Teachers:  I Can Make My Name

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