Spanish Handwriting Books

I have just published a CAPITALS FIRST book in Spanish!  This is Print Path’s first public offering of Spanish products.   We have been using these for a few years in my school district and I know there is a need so I decided to make them available.  

Letters are specifically sequenced to help children use skills they already have to learn new letters.

Capital letters are made with lines and curves and are the prefect way to begin instruction so that your children learn to start letter formations at the top.

Print Path letter font is compatible with Handwriting Without Tears materials but allows your children to learn formations on the three-lined paper they are most likely to encounter. 

• Teachers Guide with research based practices outlined.
• Practice book with CAPITAL letters grouped and sequenced in development order.
• Structured Sheets provide phonics and reading connections.
• Gray boxes and go dots serve to help children learn correct motor memory.
• Path of movement language [English] used to teach and help your children recall letter formations.

Research has shown that children are not ready to form lowercase letters until they can form a square and an X. [Benbow, Hanft, & Marsh, 1992; Beery & Beery, 2010; Daly, Kelley, & Krauss 2003; Marr, Windsor, & Cermak, 2001] We do not want to have children write in lowercase before they are ready as letters that are consistently practiced incorrectly are imbedded into motor memory and will lead to future legibility problems. 

Tell me what you think.  If they get a fair amount of attention I will publish the Lowercase at Last! book too. Get them here!

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