This is the Single Most POWERFUL Teaching Tool – Free!

If you are a teacher or a therapist, you will want to make sure you are using this tool to your fullest!

I find that using a daily task list for therapy is how I can best deliver much of the information needed for effective feedback.
A task list can include, what tasks we are going to be doing, and what the learning targets are. The student knows what is expected and how they are doing at meeting their goals. We use picture schedules with pre-readers and all the benefits of picture schedules plus more are realized with task lists!
   During a treatment session students often mention things that they want work on, or some activity to do in the occupational therapy room.  If those activities can be used to meet therapy objectives I will often put that on the list for our next session – giving the students planning power and the experience waiting for what they want.
You can get your 
FREE task lists here!

I find the best time to plan the next session is during the current one so I use this task list for that purpose as well.

   In summary, to be effective Feedback must be:
Well Received,
Goals made Apparent, and with
Dys-confirmation accepted.

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