Using Calendars for Number Fluency and Handwriting Skills. Pre-K, K, and First Grades

Have you ever passed out a blank calendar and half of your class finishes it in two minutes and the other half are unable to complete it or even crying over the frustration of not being able to understand what to do?

How would you like to easily differentiate so that you could meet the needs of all your learners and help each one’s ease with generating and writing numbers?

I recently had a customer request that I make a traceable calendar with Print Path’s handwriting supports.  What a great idea, and thanks Gale! I made three-sets which I will tell you about in just a minute, but first I want to show you the basic premise of differentiated support. 
Take a look at the four levels of support. 

1. Traceable with Go-Dots for the child first learning to count and to associate numbers to numerals.

2. Traceable without Go-Dots for the child who can start their number formations at the top but still need visual supports.
3. Blank boxes with Go-Dots is the next level of challenge for the child who is starting to generate numbers and numerals more independently but benefits from a small amount of support.

4. Blank boxes with just a ‘one’ and the last number of the month to help them get started to check that they have completed the task correctly when they finish. 

Now let me show you the three published sets of 2015-2016 calendars.
First: No-prep print and go, 60 black and white worksheets.
Second: Color set for use for dry erase math stations.

Third: Free set for September 2015 of both the color station cards and the printable worksheets.  


I hope you will try these out and I hope you and your kids love them! Tell me what you think!

LINK: Updated Post for the 2016-2017 School Year

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  1. I love this! The possibilities for using this… I could have the kids write in/trace the correct number as we cover it on the calendar that day! I could put the pages in a folder with prongs and later in the year we could add important information for the month (say we are going on a field trip on the 20th, the kids can write it in the calendar and then we can use subtraction skills to figure out how many more days to the trip. As I was typing this I got so excited I purchased it! Thanks for an awesome product!


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