Ways to Network as a Busy Occupational Therapist

I have the pleasure of welcoming Colleen to Print Path today as an esteemed guest blogger.  I am so excited for her to share her new OT resources!   Colleen is the creator and author of www.theottoolbox.com and http://community.theottoolbox.com.  She is an occupational therapist who shares creative activities designed to promote the healthy development of kids.  Colleen is one of the therapist authors on the Functional Skills for Kids books.

Apples or Oranges, Handwriting Practice or Instruction?

Functional handwriting is a key to both learning and expressing one’s self.  Automatic handwriting skills open doors for children, allowing them to take in, process, and recall new information, and to express themselves through written language.  If you are a parent, teacher, or therapist and you tend to think of ‘handwriting instruction’ and ‘handwriting practice’ as one in the same, check out this post!